BOLT Act Gains Momentum

BOLT Act Gains Momentum

Photo: Kurt Refsnider courtesy of Bikepacking Roots

H.R. 6337 Bicycling On Long Distance Trails Act (BOLT Act), a bill to promote biking on federal lands across the United States and bolster the outdoor recreation industry cleared a significant milestone this week. The U.S. House of Representatives approved the bill and it now awaits discussion on the Senate floor.

If passed, the Biking on Long-Distance Trails (BOLT) Act will identify at least 10 existing long-distance bike trails. It will also identify at least 10 areas where there is an opportunity to develop or complete such trails.

The BOLT Act is supported by several outdoor recreation groups, including Adventure Cycling Association, Bikepacking Roots, the International Mountain Biking Association, and CAMTB.

CITIZEN CALL TO ACTION: There’s still time to support this important piece of legislation. Sign the Adventure Cycling Association’s petition to express your support of public biking trails to the Senate.

IMBA has been working with its Local and industry partners and other like-minded organizations to get the BOLT Act passed. Read the full bill here and see the bill’s timeline here.

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