Can You Dig It?! – Trail Grants

How CAMTB’s trail stewardship initiative can benefit your outdoor-inspired company

Custom crafted trail grants for shovel ready trail projects all over California.

CAMTB’s Can You Dig It?! sustainable trail grants provide an opportunity for your company to directly impact California’s trail infrastructure in a way that reflects the culture and purpose of your company.

Our collaborative framework and trail matching process helps ensure that the resulting shovel ready trail projects are mission-aligned, brought to life on time, and as proposed. Trail Grants are a wonderful opportunity to show your commitment to your employees, their families, and the communities in which they reside. The resulting projects, cultivate a sense of belonging, camaraderie, and connection to place, all of which translates to your company attracting and retaining the best talent.

So how does it work?

  1. CAMTB meets 2-3 times with an internal employee committee of your choosing to develop grant criteria and metrics that reflect the types of trail projects they’d like to bring to life.
  2. CAMTB then publishes and shares your trail grant RFP with our25 member organizations across the state
  3. CAMTB member organizations that fit the criteria then submit project proposals for your consideration
  4. Your Trails Committee then selects the project(s) that meet your criteria
  5. CAMTB will announce the awardees by via a shared email, web, and social campaign, and provide ongoing coverage throughout the project

Once awarded, grantees will provide your Trails Committee regular project updates and share volunteer opportunities for staff to participate in the project. In parallel, we will also create a Passion + Purpose – Can You Dig It?! shared social media campaigns to spotlight our partners and members’ work.

CAMTB and the grant recipient will generate a summary Impact Report, following completion of the project) with metrics, photos, and colorful narrative to use in your own promotional materials. We’ll also punctuate the Passion + Purpose campaign mentioned above with an announcement of completions.   

Thank you to our Founding Partners!

Grant Projects

  1. Lift up the value of volunteerism as critical and respected asset in California
  2. Ignite a culture of shared stewardship among outdoor-minded businesses and CAMTB member organizations.

Do you own an outdoor minded business? Do your employees and their families love trails? Get in touch today with Michael Anzalone, Executive Director of CAMTB.