AB1111 Lobby Day Report

CAMTB and other Recreation advocates on the Capitol steps

Representatives from the newly established California Mountain Biking Coalition participated with over 120 other outdoor recreation leaders in the state on August 19 in Sacramento to voice support for Assembly Bill 1111 which would establish the California Office of Outdoor Recreation.

The establishment of this office is good for the State and for mountain bikers. It would improve access to outdoor activities while ensuring land conservation. It’s also good news for local businesses, as a dedicated government office would help drive revenues from tourism. While thirteen other states across America have already created similar offices, California is falling behind.

Update: On August 30, 2019, AB1111 was Held Under Submission. This is an action taken by a committee when a bill is heard in committee and there is an indication that the author and the committee members want to work on or discuss the bill further, but there is no motion for the bill to progress out of committee. This does not preclude the bill from being set for another hearing. We will continue to monitor any progress for bringing this effort forward in the next session.