The International Mountain Bicycling Association was founded in California, but its purview is national and international mountain bike advocacy. IMBA doesn’t have the resources to dedicate to California-specific issues, but have supported our formation. They have done a great job of growing mountain biking opportunities around the country. Here in California, our unique challenges--population pressures, climate change, environmental policy, bureaucracy, etc.--are often more complex than many of the places where IMBA is having success. CAMTB will remain laser-focused on issues of importance to California mountain bikers. We’ll work with IMBA whenever such collaboration is in the best interest of California Mountain bikers.
Local clubs are where stuff gets done. They’re the ones with the boots on the ground, attending the local planning meetings, volunteering on the trails, and working hand-in-hand with their local land managers. All advocacy is, after all, local. CAMTB aims to be a resource to those local clubs and organizations, to support their efforts. With a vast network of advocates from around the state, we have an immense knowledge base from which to draw. As a 501(c)(4) we are in a position to affect change in Sacramento that could benefit mountain bikers statewide. We urge you to continue supporting your local clubs, and if they’re not already, urge them to work with us.
Discussions about the need to form a California organization began at the California Trails and Greenways Conference in 2018. Informal discussions continued online. At that same conference in April 2019, efforts began in earnest. The foundational documents were filed in October 2019. We received our IRS EIN in late October 2019, and our nonprofit determination letter in June 2020. Read more about our history here.
As a 501(c)(4), donations to CAMTB are NOT tax deductible. Most of your local organizations are 501(c)(3)s, and donations to them should be tax deductible.
These documents were developed with input from multiple mountain biking advocates and stakeholders from around the state. Discussions were held and multiple iterations were proposed with a lot of debate on our slack channel. In fact, an entire channel was dedicated to its development. An informal vote was held on the CAMTB Slack workspace in early 2019 to adopt our current working mission statement. The steering committee worked with an attorney to compile and file our foundational documents based on that mission statement.
Currently, CAMTB is fully funded by sponsorships from companies, and donations from individuals and our founding partner organizations. We expect to have individual membership options in late 2020, as well as branded swag and gear that will support our efforts.
Our fundraising target calls for ~$200,000 to be raised in our first year. That budget will cover: salaries, lobbyists, travel, campaign expenses, outreach and educational programs. For a more complete budget, contact our Executive Director.
CAMTB’s policies are developed after deliberation and discussion on our public Slack channels, then taken up by the Board of Directors to formulate a position based on the consensus of participants. All of the action takes place on the workspace. Slack is a secure communications app that is incredibly flexible, allowing for searchable online conversations. It facilitates remote collaboration and conversation, and is much more efficient than email. Any mountain bike advocate with a stake in California is welcome to join our slack channel and get in on the conversation.
See our Board of Directors and Staff pages to learn about the folks behind CAMTB. Better still, send any of them an email or say hello on Slack.
Our individual membership program is under development. We expect to launch a Member program later in 2020. Companies and organizations can become sponsors or partners and individuals can be founding donors right away.
There are many ways to help CAMTB. First of all, be a responsible mountain biker! Have fun on the trails but be good stewards and ambassadors at the same time. As an individual you can donate, become a Sponsor, or Join us as a Member of the California Mountain Biking Coalition. Membership options are under development and should roll out in 2020. If you have a skill you’d like to offer such as graphic design, content writing, accounting, social media, video production, grant writing, legislative analysis, legal consulting. we’d love to hear from you.
The Founder's Round is our initial fundraising program. We're seeking donations from the mountain biking community and industry. Those first to support us as sponsors or donors (before the Founder's Round ends) are considered CAMTB Founders.
First, find out if there’s a local mountain bike club or organization that covers the trails you care about. If you can’t find one, reach out to a neighboring organization and ask if they can recommend a contact. Most advocacy and trail volunteer groups are aware of those working around them. You can join our CAMTB Slack channel and start a conversation.There are many people there willing to help answer questions, give advice, find resources, and help guide you through the maze of mountain bike advocacy. CAMTB is here to help facilitate those types of discussions and efforts, and link advocates with the resources they need to move forward.
Generally, CAMTB is supportive of bike parks and believe they can provide an excellent opportunity to grow ridership, improve rider skills, and can be a valuable asset to any community. However, bike parks are usually handled by local city or county governments, and their respective recreation and parks districts or departments. There are many individuals and organizations on our Slack channel who have expertise in bike park construction. Feel free to start a conversation there and get some feedback.
At this early stage, the organization has decided not to take decisive positions on potentially controversial issues until we’re fully formed and have a process in place to take–and be able to defend–those positions as truly representative of the California mountain biking community’s wishes. We want to speak for California mountain bikers, and the advocates and organizations from around the state who represent them. Additionally, we believe that local organizations know and understand their communities’ needs and challenges best. We will therefore always include those organizations in any decisions or positions that may affect their trails.
Feel free to contact us (any board member) and ask your question directly. Or you could reach out to any of the board members on Slack and we'll find out what we can for you. This will be a living document with questions added, responses changed, as our needs and the public understanding of what we do grows. If your unanswered question is worthy, we'll could add it to this FAQ document.