CAMTB 2021 Board Recruitment

The California Mountain Biking Coalition (CAMTB) is seeking  a diverse mix of passionate individuals (mountain bikers preferred!) who can help us build our board with the strategic skill set that will help CAMTB achieve its “5 Whys” (see below).

These skills include, but are not limited to:

  • Fundraising and finance
  • Understanding of the legislative process
  • Lobbying and political engagement
  • Partnership and coalition development
  • Land management/use and environmental review processes (CEQA, NEPA)
  • Trail planning/mapping and building experience
  • Law/Science/Environmental degree
  • Non-profit management experience
  • Marketing and public relations

In alignment with our commitment with Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, CAMTB is committed to cultivating a Board of Directors with diverse representation, and year over year increase in gender, racial diversity, and geographic representation.

CAMTB Board Member Goals

How do we effectuate the “5 Whys”?

  1. Create an environment for trail-based organization leadership from across the State of California to collaborate and work together in order to further our common goals.
  2. Seek to improve riding opportunities near communities and increase accessibility to all communities regardless of socioeconomic conditions.
  3. Increase awareness of mountain biking and trail issues in California through interaction with legislators, land managers. lobbyists, other trail user groups, bicycle clubs as well as the public.
  4. Assist member organizations in their efforts to educate users on sustainable trail development, trail courtesy and safety.
  5. Represent CAMTB interests in public forums and to recreation land managers, advocating improved and equitable trail access.
  6. Assist organizations in their efforts towards building new trails and in the maintenance of existing trails.
  7. Develop a statewide vision of high quality and diverse riding opportunities for the mountain biking community in California.
  8. Create active, engaged communities of riders statewide who are willing to donate, volunteer and support CAMTB’s mission as well as help support all our member organizations.
  9. To develop a broad and sustainable funding model that ensures the long-term viability of the organization, and also seeks to improve models and conditions for our member organizations.

Board Member Roles And Responsibilities

Board Members must be: 

  • Committed to the mission and vision of CAMTB
  • Active in the trail community, and supportive of the mountain bike community
  • Willing to dedicate time, ensure mission advancement and serve as an ambassador within the community to deepen CAMTB relationships with land managers, financial and industry partners, members, and supporters. 

Board Members commit to spending approximately 8-12 hours a month on average:

  • Attending quarterly board meetings and any special meetings called during the year.  
  • Willing to serve on CAMTB Committee assignments as necessary.
  • Preparing board and committee work products outside of meetings. 
  • Developing relationships with key donors or sponsors.
  • Voluntarily represent CAMTB at public and community events and activities outside of our regular meetings. 

Board Members also commit to: 

  • Serving a 2 year term, which can be renewed by a vote of the board at the annual meeting.  If a board member chooses to resign; they must do so in writing with a minimum of 1 month advance notice. 
  • Representing the mountain bike community in a professional manner, and holding sensitive information in confidence to avoid any real or apparent conflict of interest.
  • Staying current on policies, activities and trends affecting our mission.
  • Contributing and/or cultivating a personally significant financial donation to the organization on an annual basis.

Application Process

Prospective CAMTB Board Members are encouraged to self-nominate by submitting an application to the nomination form.

Questions and candidate suggestions are

The recruitment process in 2021 will run through March 1. In subsequent years the process will take place earlier in the year.

The applications will be reviewed in early March and the board, which is self-perpetuating, will elect its new members in mid March.

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