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Partner Spotlight: SRAM

Partner Spotlight: SRAM

2023 is off to the races and here at CAMTB, we are mobilizing the coalition for the next legislative session. The draft California state budget is out, and new legislation is being introduced each day. Before we drop in, we’d like to introduce you to SRAM, one of our newest industry partners. 

Last year, as a way of expressing its commitment to more and better bike-friendly trails in California, SRAM signed up to become our first multi-year partner. SRAM has a long history of supporting the local trail stewardship community here in California. We are beyond delighted to have their support now at the state level. Their support will help CAMTB take its advocacy to the next level in the coming years. SRAM’s partnership, along with that of our other industry supporters, will ensure that local and state advocacy efforts here in California have sufficient resources to advance our shared love for trails. 

In It For The Long Haul

For a young organization like CAMTB, building relationships with national and international brands like SRAM is game-changing. Their support provides a critical runway to create a platform for knowledge-sharing and collective action. SRAM however, did something different last year. They said, “We’re in for three (years), not just one. Now show us what you can do for trails, public lands, and the mountain biking community in California.” This forward-looking commitment is to be commended, as it helps our organization maintain focus on the most important part of our work – its advocacy!

SRAM Field Guide, Matt Whittler (3rd from left) on location in Downieville for CAMTB Connected, our annual member and partner strategic planning retreat.

Our friends at SRAM wasted no time in dropping into the CAMTB community.  Matt Whittler, SRAM Field Guide from the Truckee, attended CAMTB Connected, our annual strategic planning retreat in Downievielle. Further south, Sonja Johnson, SRAM Southwest Regional Field Guide Manager, and Leigh Donovan, SRAM Field Guide (and World Champion Mountain Biker!) helped organize an industry influencer advocacy ride led by Orange County Mountain Bike Association. On the ride, we surveyed the local trail system and discussed how non-profit/for-profit partnerships can advance trails and mitigate environmental issues in the area and beyond.  

Industry Influencer Ride hosted by Orange County Mountain Bike Association

Pictured (L-R): Jon Kearley/OCMTBA,  David Browning/OCMTBA, Jackie Reseigne/KUAT, Manuel Doblado/OCMTBA, Michael Anzalone/CAMTB, Katie Osterloh/Crank Brothers, Gaspare Licata/ Crank Brothers, Leigh Donovan/SRAM, John Terberg/CAMTB, Sebastien Salvant; Brian Lopes. ***Not Pictured: Brian Lopes, Matt Ford/ Rock N Road Cyclery Stores, Sonja Johnson/SRAM, Troy Leigh/Troy Leigh Designs, Stuart Uehara/Specialized, Kurt Wiemann/OCMTBA***

Next-Gen Leadership Support

Thanks in part to partners like SRAM, CAMTB launched its first cohort of Teen Ambassadors in January of 2023!

In addition to supporting CAMTB’s land manager engagement efforts, SRAM’s partnership has also fueled the start of our latest initiative, engaging the next generation of trail and cycling advocates. CAMTB’s Teen Ambassador program, which was developed in partnership with the NorCal Interscholastic Cycling League and SoCal High School Cycling League high school cycling leagues, launched its first cohort with representatives from Chula Vista, Albany, Eureka, San Francisco, San Diego, Arcata, and Marin. Over the next 5 months, these emerging leaders will be working alongside our advocacy team, our trail stewardship organizations, and our industry partners, in pursuit of more and better bike-friendly trails in California. 

To help inspire these young riders to turn their passion into purpose, SRAM will host the ambassadors for a special Meet & Greet at Sea Otter Classic and introduce our up-and-coming leaders to SRAM’s professional riders ambassadors, and business team.  

Inspiring Action

If you or your company are inspired by SRAM’s commitment to the trail partner community here in California, then there’s no time like the present to make your own commitment. It takes a village! Please contact our Executive Director, Michael Anzalone ( today to discuss how to best apply your particular talents and resources.