CAMTB Endorses John Bauters in Race for Alameda County Supervisor

CAMTB Endorses John Bauters in Race for Alameda County Supervisor

More and better bike-friendly legislators and policymakers…

Over the past several years, CAMTB has been impressed by John Bauters’ track record regarding bicycles, active transportation, and outdoor recreation. We now proudly endorse Bauters’ campaign for Alameda County Supervisor – District 5. John is an Emeryville City Council member, where he gained national notoriety. He is affectionately known as “America’s Bicycle Mayor” for his visible work advancing equitable access for cyclists. John has been a featured guest on The War on Cars podcast, the Propel Bikes YouTube Channel, and he was named one of the 50 Most Influential People in American Cycling by Escape Collective.

John Bauters

A Champion for Cycling, Trails, and the Environment

In addition to being a champion for bike-friendly communities, John also distinctly appreciates recreational trails. He understands how important trail connectivity is as a community equalizer. He aims to get more people outdoors, living healthy lifestyles. John is outspoken about the importance of nature and the way our interaction with it improves well-being. He understands the role that bikes and quality trails can and should play in the life of every family in California.

To this end, we know that Bauters is committed to advancing many of our shared goals, including prioritizing safe routes to trails. He will be especially impactful in the Bay Area region where he sits as Chair of the Alameda County Transportation Commission and tenured board director of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

John understands that more places to ride, closer to home, is a net positive for the community AND the environment. As a member of the SF Bay Chapter of the Sierra Club’s Executive Committee, John was awarded a Visionary Award in 2022 for his work to protect the environment.

John Bauters with dog.

Show Your Support Today!

We encourage everyone in California to support candidates who demonstrate our values as mountain bikers. Join us in elevating our collective mission for more and better bike-friendly trails!

CAMTB asks you to support John Bauters’ campaign for Alameda County Supervisor. Please consider making a financial contribution to his campaign and/or exploring volunteer opportunities to help spread the word. For those of you in Alameda County District 5, we also ask that you vote for John Bauters in the March primary election. John needs to be one of the top two candidates in this race to advance to the General Election! Learn more about John Bauters, his campaign priorities, endorsements, and how can volunteer to help here.

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