June 2024 is California Mountain Biking Month!

On February 28, 2024, Assemblymember Damon Connolly and Senate minority leader Brian Jones introduced Assembly Concurrent Resolution 152 designating June 2024 as California Mountain Biking Month. #CAMTBmonth is a celebration of the people and culture of the larger mountain and gravel biking community in California. ACR 152 recognizes the deep roots mountain biking has in California as the birthplace of the sport. It highlights the numerous benefits mountain biking provides to Californians and communities across the state.

CAMTB is thrilled to see the California Legislature formally recognize mountain biking and its immense benefits to our state’s health, economy, environment, and communities. We applaud Assemblymember Damon Connolly (D-San Rafael) and Senate minority leader Brian Jones (R-San Diego) for introducing this resolution to commemorate the culture, history, people, and destinations that make California such an amazing place to enjoy mountain biking.

CAMTB Month is powered in part by:

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June Update

We are thrilled to announce that Assembly Concurrent Resolution 152 (ACR 152) has passed in the California State Assembly and the State Senate. The bill received broad support, picking up fifty-nine (59) additional co-authors prior to the Assembly vote on June 3, including principal co-author Assemblymember Gail Pellerin (28th District). READ MORE

California Mountain Biking Coalition Celebrates the passing of ACR 152 in the CA State Assembly, which declares June 2024 as “California Mountain Biking Month”!

Take the Pledge!

During June, I pledge to…

  1. Take A Friend Mountain Biking. Introduce someone new to the joys of riding in the great outdoors, or get an old friend back on their bike.
  2. Ride! Go for at least one mountain bike ride during June 2024.
  3. Engage My Local Trail Stewardship Organization. Join, donate, or volunteer to support the groups maintaining the trails you ride. Find your local organization here.
  4. Speak Up for Mountain Biking, Trails, and Public Lands. Call or write your local, state, and/or federal representative and share with them what cycling and trails mean to you and your community.

Find and Attend A Local Event

CAMTB has curated a stellar list of mountain biking/gravel, trail, and community events across the state in the month of June. This is a live list so check back often for new events throughout the month.

About #CAMTBmonth

The seeds for celebrating California Mountain Biking Month surfaced at the Coalition’s annual strategic planning retreat with members and partners last October in Santa Cruz, California. CAMTB drafted the resolution, not just to celebrate and promote California’s extensive mountain biking history and culture, but to inform the public and legislators about all the great benefits that trails and biking provide.

While sitting around a campfire about two dozen representatives from CAMTB’s advocacy community brainstormed ways to improve mountain biking for all Californians. Since this State’s budget this year is constrained, our best strategy was to introduce a bill that would a) get CAMTB in front of many legislators, b) would be a relatively easy legislative win, and c) would have minimal fiscal impacts. ACR 152 does all of this and more.

#CAMTBmonth Highlights