California Mountain Biking Month


June 2024 is California Mountain Biking Month!

On February 28, 2024, Assemblymember Damon Connolly and Senate minority leader Brian Jones introduced Assembly Concurrent Resolution 152 designating June 2024 as California Mountain Biking Month.


Seeding Change

The seeds for celebrating California Mountain Biking Month surfaced at the Coalition’s annual strategic planning retreat with members and partners last October in Santa Cruz, California. CAMTB drafted the resolution, not just to celebrate and promote California’s extensive mountain biking history and culture, but to inform the public and legislators about all the great benefits that trails and bikes can bring.

Sitting around a campfire and camp kitchen, with poster boards on easels all around, about two dozen representatives from CAMTB’s advocacy community brainstormed ways to improve mountain biking for all Californians. Since we’re in a budget-constrained year, our best strategy was to introduce a bill that would get CAMTB in front of legislators, would be a relatively easy legislative win, and would have minimal fiscal impacts to have the best chance of passage. ACR152 does all of that and more.

What’s next?

The bill is scheduled to be heard on the Assembly floor on June 3rd, the first legislative session in June. CAMTB expects to be there with legislators to celebrate. It’s bipartisan and bicameral, which gives it a very high likelihood of passage. We couldn’t be more excited!

As we get closer to #CAMTBmonth (June 2024), check back here for a full calendar of community events and opportunities to help spread the word about #CAMTBmonth. We anticipate a welcoming mix of events including group rides, bike-tune ups, dig days, movie nights, and more across the state. Check back soon and often for the latest!

The first opportunity will be National Trails Day on June 1st. Most trail stewardship organizations, including CAMTB’s member organizations, will be hosting volunteer trail stewardship events around the state. Giving back to trails will be a perfect way to kick off #CAMTBmonth!

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