California Mountain Biking Month 2024

California Mountain Biking Month 2024



California Mountain Biking Month

California Mountain Biking Coalition Celebrates Introduction of Resolution Declaring June 2024 as “California Mountain Biking Month”

Sacramento, CA (March 8, 2024) – The California Mountain Biking Coalition (CAMTB) is thrilled to announce the recent introduction of Assembly Concurrent Resolution 152 by Assembly Member Connolly and Senator Jones, a bill CAMTB drafted and championed. It will designate June 2024 as “California Mountain Biking Month.” This resolution recognizes the deep roots mountain biking has in California as the birthplace of the sport. It highlights the numerous benefits mountain biking provides to Californians and communities across the state.

The resolution cites mountain biking as a health-promoting activity that builds cardiovascular fitness, strength, and endurance. It also underscores the mental health benefits of mountain biking and its ability to reduce stress and foster community. The resolution points to the significant volunteer efforts of mountain biking clubs and organizations that maintain trails and support public lands. It also notes the major economic impact of mountain biking, contributing over $2.3 billion to California’s economy annually.

Additionally, the resolution acknowledges the growth of high school mountain biking programs that provide healthy activity and valuable life skills for youth. It celebrates the inclusion of mountain biking in the 2028 Los Angeles Summer Olympics. The resolution also cites the increased accessibility of mountain biking thanks to improved bike technology, trail navigation apps, e-bikes and adaptive bikes.

“This resolution isn’t just for mountain bikers,” said Steve Messer, President of CAMTB. “We’ll all be riding in June. It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to educate all Californians, including legislators, on the numerous benefits of riding bikes in the woods, and to promote and celebrate mountain biking’s history, culture and contributions to the Golden State.”

Assembly Concurrent Resolution 152 is scheduled to be heard in the Assembly on June 3, 2024, and CAMTB and friends will be present to mark the occasion. CAMTB is thrilled to see the California Legislature formally recognize mountain biking and its immense benefits to our state’s health, economy, environment, and communities. We applaud Asseblymember Damon Connolly (D-San Rafael) and Senate minority leader Brian Jones (R-San Diego) for introducing this resolution to commemorate the culture, history, people, and destinations that make California such an amazing place to enjoy mountain biking.

“PeopleForBikes is thrilled to celebrate “California Mountain Biking Month” in partnership with CAMTB,” remarked Rachel Fussell, eMTB program manager with People for Bikes. “Mountain biking is not just a recreational activity but has positive impacts on whole communities. Whether folks ride for fun, fitness, or with family, mountain biking helps transform communities by connecting people to nature, to their in-person social networks, providing health benefits, preserving open spaces, and bringing economic opportunities. We believe this resolution can be a model for other states throughout the nation.”

CAMTB encourages mountain bikers and cycling enthusiasts across the state to get some trail time in, support your local trail stewardship organization, and join in the celebrations and festivities for #CAMTBmonth throughout June 2024. Follow us on social media or check for updates.


The California Mountain Biking Coalition (CAMTB) was formed in 2019 as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization dedicated to improving and protecting mountain biking opportunities and the public lands on which we recreate throughout California. CAMTB is a coalition of 31 trail stewardship organizations from around California, and serves as a unified, statewide voice for mountain bikers and gravel riders. CAMTB partners with our member organizations and many regional and national organizations to advocate for improved recreational amenities, management policies and legislation that benefit mountain bikers, trails, and the public lands on which we recreate.

A PDF version of this press release is available here.