California Assembly Bill 1212 (AB-1212) Position Statement by CAMTB

Status: Died in Committee

UPDATE: JUNE 1, 2023: Unfortunately, this exciting and important bill, the California Scenic Bikeways and Trails Act, did not move forwards out of committee. Officially, AB1212 went to the Assembly Appropriations Committee (where the fiscal impact of the bill is considered) in May 2023 and was “held under submission” – which is essentially the “maybe” list for bills in a committee. In this case, holding AB1212 concluded without a “do pass” vote onto the next step. CAMTB and our sister nonprofit, CATF, are working toward the reintroduction and/or support of a similar bill next season.

CAMTB and CATF support AB 1212, The California Scenic Bikeways and Trails Act.
The California Mountain Biking Coalition, a 501(c)(4), and the California Trails Foundation, a 501(c)(3), have elected to support AB 1212 (Assm. Hart, D37 – Santa Barbara).

AB-1212 – Scenic bikeways and trails. (Bill Text)

Pillar: Expanded & Enhanced Bike-Friendly Trails


The California Scenic Bikeways & Trails Act recognizes that our trails are a critical part of the connective fabric of California. This bill is positioned to be a great equalizer for bicyclists – to connect communities via whatever paths, trails, roads and highways might be necessary to connect them to the great outdoors, and some of our most marvelous California places – by bicycle.

AB-1212 creates an innovative program that empowers nonprofits, municipalities, and individuals to nominate unique routes for identification in the Scenic Routes program.  

We believe that the California Scenic Bikeways & Trails Act is important because it would create a new California law for cycling amenities that places equal importance to roads and trails. In doing so, organizations like CAMTB and its 30+ member organizations are incentivized to expand opportunities connecting California’s communities in more creative, equitable, and utilitarian ways – for residents, visitors, and anyone who wants to ride a bicycle safely from one place to another. 

See the rest of the CAMTB 2023 California State Legislative Agenda:

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