Trailforks Advocates of the Year

While we were a little surprised to see Pinkbike’s Trailforks name the California Mountain Biking Coalition among its Advocates of the Year for 2019, we are deeply honored. There are many organizations, including the other Trailforks Advocacy awards recipients, who are making great things happen for mountain biking.

The honor from Trailforks came as a surprise to us, considering we are still getting organized. It’s been a two-year journey with many dedicated volunteers to get here. Perhaps Pinkbike recognizes that mountain biking has never had a 501c4 organization poised and ready to speak up for mountain biking in the California State Capitol. Perhaps they realize how daunting a challenge California advocacy is, and the fact that we (the board and the advocacy community) have stepped up and launched this organization is in itself a noteworthy accomplishment.

Regardless, we appreciate the recognition. With your support, we’re committed to fulfilling our mission so we can all have more trails, better trails.