2024 State Legislative Session is Open

2024 State Legislative Session is Open

Photo by Anne Wernikoff for CalMatters

California legislators returned to Sacramento on January 3, for the 2024 California State Legislative session. Top of mind for law and policymakers this year is most certain be the state budget shortfall and the 2024 election.

All 80 Assembly seats and half the 40 Senate seats are up for re-election. To complicate matters, the estimated $68 billion shortfall means less money for most programs, including recreation, natural resources, health care, housing, education, and environmental protection. Lawmakers and special interest groups alike will be jockeying for a slice of the budget pie, while facing the reality that cuts will be necessary to get California out of the red. As one might expect, the attention of many lawmakers will be divided between policy-making and campaigning to ensure their seats are secure in the coming year.

This year, CAMTB will again be tracking and influencing pertinent legislation introduced in 2024 State Legislative Session. We will also be actively engaged in local, state, and federal races via our Recreation Questionaire, MTB Voter Guide, and candidate endorsements. These are expected to drop in early September.

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