California State Parks
AB 1150 Brings Outdoors for All One Step Closer to Reality

AB 1150 Brings Outdoors for All One Step Closer to Reality

More Opportunity for Californians to Access California State Parks

Last fall, Gov. Newsom signed AB 1150: Parks and Recreation Omnibus into law. This was top-priority legislation for the coalition, as it made the outdoors, and CA State Parks in particular, more accessible to all. AB1150 expands the eligibility of the Golden Bear Pass. This existing state program provides free access to day-use facilities in the CA State Parks system. The legislation also makes it easier for nonprofits to host programs, such as interpretive bike rides, for underserved park users.

Our advocacy is rooted in a connection to the natural world and one’s experiences when immersed in it. We fully support the California Natural Resource Agency’s, Outdoors for All initiative, as well CA State Parks’ commitment to bringing it to life through several free or discounted park pass programs. Initiatives like these, as well as CAMTB’s Teen Ambassador Program, are creating the next generation of leaders and advocates for cycling, trails, and public lands. They also ensure that those leading the effort represent the diverse mix of people who call this state home. Learn more about State Parks’ Pass Access Programs below or visit CA State Parks directly.

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