CAMTB Pro-Rec Candidates Win Key Seats

CAMTB Pro-Rec Candidates Win Key Seats

2022 Election Recap

The 2022 election results are nearly all in. See updates below regarding our candidate endorsements.

CAMTB’s 2022 Voter Guide endorsed a slate of pro-recreation candidates at the local and state levels that prioritized access, resource protection, and personal health by way of outdoor recreation. Thanks to your support, nearly all of the endorsed candidates won their races, including our California Assembly and Senate candidates. Congratulations to:

Our fingers are crossed for the following pro-rec candidates whose races are yet to be determined (as of Nov 17, 2022):

  • San Mateo County Board of Supervisors (District 2) Charles Stone

Citizen Action

We’d also like to recognize two important local efforts that serve as models for how cyclists can take action to support more and better bike-friendly trails. In Marin county, Access for Bikes (A4B), a local 527 PAC, focused on get-out-the-vote campaigns for State Assembly candidate, Damon Connolly, as well as candidates for the Marin Municipal Water District Board. A4B’s community outreach efforts helped Connolly garner the votes necessary to secure the district. Their efforts also were successful in helping bike-friendly candidates secure seats on the MMWD board, which manages public watersheds, parks, and open spaces in the region.  

On the San Francisco Peninsula, a number of committed local mountain bikers also campaigned to ensure that their city government reflected the will of the local Belmont community and its longstanding permission of bike access in the Waterdog Open Space. Congratulations to Mayor-elect Julia Mates, councilmember-elect Gina Latimerlo, and councilmember Robin Pang-Maganaris.

Congratulations to those who prevailed on Nov 8 that recognize the relationship between recreational trails, environmental stewardship, and public health. We look forward to working with you in the months and years ahead. CAMTB also thanks all of the first-time candidates in this year’s elections. Not all prevailed but all should be commended for stepping up to the public service challenge. 

And perhaps most importantly, we want to thank YOU, the voters, for lending your voice. We owe it to each other and to our communities to rise above partisanship and focus on the issues themselves.  


The California Mountain Biking Coalition’s mission is to expand and enhance bike-friendly trails throughout by providing a unifying statewide platform for trail riders. CAMTB represents 30 nonprofit trail stewardship organizations in California. These organizations build, maintain, and advocate for bike-friendly trails here in the state. The CAMTB and its affiliates are working hard to expand trail access for bicycles in California while protecting the natural landscapes we love to ride and the trail systems that take us to, through, and from them. Together we advocate for more and better bike-friendly trails by: 

  1. Engaging prominent land managers, like CA State Parks and the U.S. Forest Service 
  2. Tracking and influencing State & Federal legislation and elections 
  3. Activating and growing the larger mountain biking and gravel riding community

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